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About Us

We have been together a long time, meeting while still in high school and getting married in the year 2000.  Through the years together we have grown into a strong couple, recognizing that a good relationship does have its ups and downs and isn’t always easy.  A good marriage, a great marriage, takes work and dedication from both spouses.  We are both happily married today and have a strong commitment to our marriage and family.

We are both planners and always have been.  Jason chose a career in technology right out of high school and Rachel pursued and completed a degree in education, then began working as a special education teacher.  Jason continued to focus on his career and eventually took a job with Microsoft.

With the birth of our children, Sam and Sabrina in 2007, Rachel decided to quit teaching and become a stay at home mom.  We felt that everything we had “planned” out what going in the right direction…


Our weight.  With all of our plans, all of our goals, and all of our successes, we just could never overcome our weight.  Jason had struggled with his weight for most of his entire life.  Rachel didn’t really start to struggle until college, but always had a poor body image.  It seems after we were married that the pounds continuously added up over the years.  Yes, there were moments and times of weight loss success, but never truly long term.

We didn’t want this for our future—for our children—and this wasn’t in our “plan”.  We wanted to live a long, full and happy life with our children.  We wanted to be more active.  We wanted to set the very best example for our children and we never wanted to have any regrets.

So, for a couple that usually plans out everything in advance, they took a shot in the dark.  Rachel wrote a letter to Chris Powell asking for help for her and Jason.  And the transformation began…