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Breakfast–The Most Important Meal of the Day


We have had a lot of requests for a meal example of what we ate this year. Well, this meal I still eat and had for breakfast this morning. I love going out to breakfast at some dive diner or greasy spoon. I used to go with my grandfather all the time when I was a kid. So it brings back fond memories. For my fellow Michiganders it used to be Omega’s in Wayne.

Being that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day (more about that another time) I like to enjoy my breakfast. It really is my favorite meal of the day. Here is an example of my usual morning breakfast.


This is what it starts with: Three small red potatoes–these total about 6 oz., which is about 150 calories. The olive oil or coconut oil sprays keep them from burning and sticking to the pan. As I am cooking I like to add a little crushed rosemary.

Personally, I don’t like to feel deprived. I want to feel like I had a real meal. So, I take those potatoes and cut them in half and half again and slice them very very thin making as many as possible. Then I cook them on low covered and stirring frequently.

For my eggs I like them over-medium, but not too raw. Using one of the above sprays again I cook my eggs until the whites are no longer see through. Then I flip the eggs over for a few minutes. Sometimes I do use a couple of extra tablespoons of liquid egg whites. It adds 25 calories but adds a lot of volume and protein as well.

Once the potatoes are done I put them on a plate and put the eggs on top of that. Here is how it looks:


Under those eggs are a nice thin layer of potatoes. If I want even more flavor (though this is usually enough), I add these:

WP_20130710_012 (2)WP_20130712_007

The Trader Joe’s Chili Pepper sauce isn’t super hot, has no sodium, and is only five calories. The reduced sugar ketchup also only has five calories for a tablespoon.

Last, but not least I have my coffee. I am very caffeine sensitive. I have caffeine and then miss it the next day I get a crippling headache. So I just avoid caffeine. I don’t drink pop so I don’t miss it.

So I throw in my decaf K-Cup, set it to large and get my coffee. I personally do not drink black coffee. I like the coffee taste, but not that much. Instead of cream I use one of these depending on my mood:


I know the sugar free syrup isn’t clean eating or even healthy. However, I only use a tablespoon the most during the day with my cup of coffee. But I only use the Truvia (a healthy natural sweetener based on Stevia) or the coffee syrup, never both. I do always use one of the almond milks you see above. They add some flavor and take the place of cream. I am only using maybe 2 tablespoons at best and an entire cup serving calories total is marked on the box. This particular morning I went with the chocolate unsweetened which we will say is about 10 calories.

Here is my complete breakfast:


Total time to make about 15 min.


  • Potatoes: 150
  • Eggs (2): 140
  • Oil Sprays: 20
  • Almond milk for coffee: 10
  • Reduced Sugar Ketchup (2Tbs): 10 – Optional
  • Trader Joes Hot Pepper Sauce (1 splash): 5 – Optional

Total calories for breakfast: 320 or 335 with optional condiments.

This is great breakfast for anyone. No wheat, dairy, or gluten. Don’t worry about the carbs in your breakfast. Carbs are not bad. Carbs have a negative effect later in the day when you have less chance to burn them off.

Any questions, let me know!



  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! I am looking forward to hearing more meal ideas!

  2. Thanks for sharing meal info!! The show doesn’t show that much of the meals so seeing these posts are great! Please keep sharing! I live in clinton twp. Mi and it was great seeing you guys on the show! I am so amazed and inspired by yours and all the stories! What a amazing blessing your family received! I love Chris and Heidi Powell they truly inspire me, as did your family!

  3. Kristen T says:

    Thanks! That all looks amazing and I typically just do egg whites but I make a sandwich out of it using Honey Wheat Bread, Sargento ultra thin cheese, and 1 piece of Land O’ Frost Canadian Bacon; but I really need to cut down on my carbs and gluten so I will definitely try substituting the potatoes (which I love!). Thanks so much!!

  4. Great post! I love flavor in my coffee too. I’ve never thought about the flavored almond milks. ;) The extra egg whites is great too! I’m loving it he recipes and looking forward to a daily meal plan ideas. This is more than enough for breakfast and so many complain that there isn’t anything to eat. I’d say you’ve proved that point. lol Bud, do you have anything you can show with oats. I love hot oatmeal & Greek yogurt often. Do you have any fun twists to either? Thanks again!

  5. Michelle Dillon says:

    I love this meal! Can’t wait to try it. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe AND the pictures.

  6. May need to add in some potatoes around here…. but thought I would introduce you to Vanilla Coconut Creamer by the SoyO company (I think). It has 20 calories per tbs. but is nice and rich and doesn’t add the nutty flavor that Almond milk does, which kind of kills my coffee for me.

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