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Chips and Salsa



I know there has been a ton of “food” questions as that was not covered on our show. Well welcome to the first of MANY food posts. I know for me personally 80% of my success was based on food. So you’ll hear some good and some bad, some things that may sound a little crazy and some that just sound delicious.

For me I like chips and salsa. Love chips and salsa. While salsa is a great food to have around you should check out the sodium content. The salsa in a jar are usually much higher in sodium. (More about why sodium sucks in a later post). I get my salsas in the deli or produce section. They are fresher, refrigerated and usually have a bit less sodium.

The challenge is the chips! Those damn tortilla chips climb up there really quick when it comes to calories. Usually close to 170 calories for 10 chips. Lets face it, I could never eat just ten, let alone one. One of the solutions I came up with this year is Carrot Chips and Salsa. With carrot chips you get the crunch and something to scoop up the salsa with without all the calories. (Works great for hummus too!)

Sounds strange but very effective. Lets do the math:

The entire container of salsa pictured is 160 Calories. The entire bag of carrot chips pictured is 175. Grand total if you pig out and finish all the chips and lick the container empty is 335 calories. I promise if you do finish it all you may be in the bathroom in a few hours. I speak from experience. :)

Where as if you went with tortilla chips and finish half the bag and all the salsa you are looking at over 1200 calories on average.

Lastly if you are really trying to “lock it down” use celery sticks instead of carrot chips.

Hope this helps and as usual would love to hear your feedback and questions!



  1. Kristen T. says:

    Sounds very interesting. I didn’t see the picture you were referring to but where did you find carrot chips? I’ve looked for lots of healthier options but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen carrot chips. Thanks for offering to help and to share your tips!

  2. Kristen T. says:

    Just saw the picture…sorry! Thanks! I didn’t think about the ones in the produce section :)

  3. I’ve been looking for a substitute for chips. I’m a pico de gallo addict. Thanks for the post!

  4. Jules Wilson says:

    I was craving a crunchy snack the other day and had some broccoli and salsa. It was my first time and def my new go to snack! Game me that crunchy, can’t stop snacky feeling and was low cal! Carrots are next on my list!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just hate carrots and celery. I saw tortillas at wal mart and I wondered about just baking them. I am watching fat and calories but have thought about switching to what Chris has you doing

    • You could use cucumber slices, green peppers, or they make Ezekial wraps in the organic food section. I have microwaved them for a min or so and they get crunchy so they make good chips. -Jason

  6. Thanks for sharing Jason!! That looks awesome!! Running to Kroger’s later and will try it out!!! Keep sharing

  7. You’re genius! I have never seen carrot chips, where do you find this wonderful product? Kroger?? Keep the tips coming, Im on a mission! ;-)

  8. John Fedulchak says:

    I love the math and acceptance of eating the whole thing.

  9. mary brady says:

    Great post! I love salsa and never thought to use carrot chips.

  10. Great idea!!! I would love to add eating salsa on shrimp is awesome too. I make that as a snack at times. I’ve also had is on pineapple rings and mango! Please keep the ideas coming.

  11. Never even thought of this but I will be adding this to the top!!

  12. Kelli Nordeen says:

    Great idea! I like the Ezekiel Wrap idea too. Keep ideas coming :) Thx!

  13. This post reminds me to get the food dehydrator out an make zucchini chips. I’m not a fan of carrots..but celery, zucchini and cucumbers I could tackle…

  14. Jaime Salemi says:

    Genius! Tried this last night and it was really good, much better than I thought it was going to be.

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