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Did Jason work?

Oh, the internet.

I’ve stumbled across some interesting reading online about Extreme Weight Loss and specific participants, us included.

Some things, I won’t even bother replying to.  I knew that Jason and I opened ourselves and our life up to scrutiny when the show aired.  As grateful as we were to have the opportunity to lose weight and get healthy again, we knew it came at some costs.

This is a television show. Yes, a weight loss show, but still, a television show.  You have to take some things with a grain of salt.  You just do.  Remember that for every minute of footage taken, there are fifty minutes that you didn’t get to see.  It doesn’t make it any less real—it just means that maybe you are not getting the whole story.

There are a couple of things that I will discuss on this blog.  But this specific thing is most important, so I had to start with it first.

When the twins were born in 2007, I quit my job as a special education teacher, choosing to stay home with Sam and Sabrina.  Jason continued to work full time at Microsoft.

Last year, when we found out about the show, we freaked out a little bit.  How were we going to be able to do this with him working?  Not just normal working either, but traveling.  Seriously, how were we going to do this?

We had many a conversation and we even discussed the possibility of not doing it.  But how could we turn down an opportunity like this?  We couldn’t.  We had to make it work.

Jason took off about TWO WEEKS of work.  Yes, that is it.  He did put his travel schedule on hold for the summer (as much as he could), but he was working.

The reason I have to share this is that the show didn’t point this out as much, and Jason needs credit where credit is due.  If you watch the episode you might wonder if he even worked at all.  Oh, he did! On the average day, sometimes he would get up early and catch up on some work emails.  After that, we had breakfast and packed our food up for the day.  Sam and Sabrina would attend Cross Fit and kickboxing class with us.  Basically, from 7-12 we got the majority of our exercise in and then Jason would start work, sometimes working until 9:00 pm at night.  I, of course took care of Sam and Sabrina while Jason was working.  If we hadn’t finished our time commitment by the time the kids went to bed, we would head to our home gym and plug some cardio time while either talking or watching TV.  Many a day, we were in bed no earlier than midnight.

And that was when he was HOME.  Jason travels, quite a bit, for his job.  So when he was on a business trip he had to find ways to meet his exercise commitment on the road and eat properly.

I have to say all of this because even though this year was hard and stressful on me, it was ten times harder on him.  He was working so hard to support our family and then on top of that, exercising an insane amount AND eating on plan.  Every time he or I became stressed we just kept telling ourselves that we had this one year to get through—just ONE year.

And at the end of it all—all of the stress, the chaos—we are both eternally grateful.  This year truly pushed us to all boundaries.  Literally, there was no extra time.  There was no time for excuses.  There was no time to drag our feet.  We just had to do it.

Which is how I know now that we were just making excuses before.  We had just told ourselves them for so long, we believed them.  But we both know now that if we had time to squeeze in four hours of exercise a day, then ONE hour is really no big deal and it can be done.

So this was my mad props to Jason.  To my wonderful husband who works so very hard for our family—I’m amazed at what you have accomplished this year and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for us.  It can only be good things. :)


  1. Awww….thanks babe! I didn’t even know you were going to post this.

  2. I really enjoyed watching your episode. My wife and I are going through a weightloss journey now. I had gastric sleeve surgey, and she is doing the old fashion way. We still both habe to exercise each day. Thank you for opening up your lives and being good role models.

  3. Debbie Ulrich says:

    I guess I mis-spoke a little before, Rachel AND Jason-beautiful on the inside and out!! You guys are amazing and such an inspiration to everyone who knows you!! Yes that was a tough year but as the saying goes, The Best is Yet to Come !! Love you both very much and those cute little kids of yours too :) :)

  4. Kelly Rutkowski says:

    Like any reality show, people don’t see everything that goes on behind the scenes. You owe no explanations to anyone, but I can understand with this issue that you want to make sure that Jason gets the well deserved props that he deserves. I am so happy for you both, and I wish you all the best.

  5. A. Caroline Rahman says:

    Rachel, thanking so much for sharing this. Sometimes people just look at things by the cover and realize that there is SO MUCH more to the story. Jason is obviously an amazingly dedicated husband and father to strive so hard to achieve this not only himself… but for all of you. You both are amazing people… and meeting you last weekend was truly inspirational. You are just a phenomenal person to be in the same room with because you have such a wonderful spirit… you and Jason truly are a beautiful people, inside and out. Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. Hello. Please can you share your exercise routine and how long you exercised each day and how often each week, etc?

    • Well it changed over the course of the year. We will have more blog posts about what we did, but in the beginning we did do Crossfit and kickboxing everyday. Eventually we were up to about four hours of exercise daily.

  7. Kristen T. says:

    *I sent this in a private message but then I wondered if anyone else shared the same questions/concerns*
    First of all, I love reading your blog! I just read the post from Rachel about Jason working. This was a very inspiring post for me. I am so good at making excuses, especially when I am working or when I have a super busy schedule. I too am a teacher for children with special needs, I currently am in a classroom with all children with Autism. I love what I do but it can be so exhausting while also very rewarding, but I kept saying that all I can do is 1-1 1/2 hours a day of working out. I don’t have anything in the terms of a home gym and so I get up at 4:30 most every morning and go to our local gym where I work out with several friends. I am so exhausted all the time because I feel that I am not getting enough sleep but getting healthier is very important to me. It isn’t so bad to do this summer but it is so hard to keep up with it during the school year. So far since April I have lost 30 lbs, not a lot but its something. I also have a wonderful husband who is also over weight and I have a one year old and I just don’t want to sacrifice my evenings with them. Do you have any tips or advice? I wanted to follow up with Rachel as well. I know you guys must be super busy and bombarded with fans, I have just been so inspired that I would just love some advice. On a funny note…I watched an interview ABCNews did with Chris and he said that the best quick work out is doing burpies…that is going to be my frightening goal this week, is to learn how to do a burpie, even at 5’3″ and 284 lbs

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