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Five Minute Healthy Lunch


Happy Sunday everyone! Hopefully you’re prepping food for the week and getting ready for a healthy start to the week. Here is another example of a complete meal. For us, convenience is a big deal.  With Rachel taking care of the house, kids, and me working from home during the day or on the road some meals have to be quicker than others. This is one of them.

Turkey Guacamole Wrap – Less than 300 calories!

This one is very simple with three items:


1. Oscar Meyer Delifresh Honey Smoked Turkey Breast

2. 100 Calorie Pack of Guacamole

3. Mission Extra Thin Corn Tortilla


First weigh your turkey breast:


For me I use 3 oz. but the serving size is 2 oz.

Then heat up the tortilla in the microwave for about 10 seconds and spread the guacamole packet evenly over the two tortillas.


Looks gross, but tastes great. Smile

Then add the turkey breast slices you weighed:


Then roll it up and you are ready to eat!


Here is the breakdown as shown:

  • 3 oz. Turkey Breast – 90 Calories
  • 2 Thin Corn Tortilla – 80 Calories
  • 1 Packet of Guacamole – 100 Calories

For a grand total of only 270 calories.

If you want more flavor add your favorite salsa, hot sauce, throw a few veggies in there, or even some jalapeños.

Yes, there is some fat in the guacamole. Yes, there are some carbs in the tortillas. Carbs and fat are not evil. Well, in wrong quantities they can be. But, it is good to have some fat in your diet. If you don’t like guacamole use avocadoes or tomatoes, or even both.

For me personally this has no wheat, dairy or gluten so its in my meal planning. You can always choose some cleaner more organic options as well.



  1. kristan says:

    Where do you find 100 calorie packets of guac???

  2. Oh my husband will love these! He’s just starting to join me in living a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Good idea I will try this for lunch Next time instead of eating out

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