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From Jason – Coming Soon!

Just wanted to give everyone an update on some blog posts we are working on. I know I have received a TON of emails about nutrition since they didn’t cover that much on the show. Not to mention how do you maintain this loss once you have it. So more to come on that very soon! Thinking of a good format though than some long boring blog post….open to suggestions.

Here are some of the upcoming blogs I have in mind (Rachel has some too she will post previews of soon)

  • The “I ate like $#&%” Repair Kit
  • Eating for Maintenance
  • Sodium Sucks – Literally
  • I hate Water but try to get a gallon a day
  • Just what is ”Clean Eating”
  • What to do if you HATE veggies
  • Unsung Heroes of our Episode
  • Our Wedding Rings – Mystery Solved!
  • Surgery as part of the show in gory details
  • Tips for other partners or couples trying to get healthy

If I missed anything and you want to know more about just ask! Let us pay it forward!




  1. kayleen says:

    You are so inspiring!!!

  2. Michelle Dillon says:

    I would very much like to see a weekly menu plan with a few impromptu recipes thrown in. Or maybe a peek at “this is what’s for breakfast.” Anytime you are making a special smoothie I want to see the recipe. Finally, Do you specifically seek out organic foods?

  3. Kelli Nordeen says:

    How about a list of fav products like PB2, Stevia, Unsweetened Almond Breeze etc? :) Luv finding new ideas… Kelli

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