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Welcome to the Gadgets page. Here is all the non food items we recommend! This page will have kitchen gadgets, fitness gadgets, anything related to technology and weight loss will be here! We would really appreciate that if you buy anything on this list if you can click through our site. It pays to keep the blog up and running.


I had to goto Vegas near the end of the show and juiced the entire time so I wouldn’t be too tempted. Here is the juicer I took with me and used at the house. Great machine with easy cleanup.

Home Juicer
If you are looking for a juicer for the house or work. This one is the way to go. You get more juice and better quality.

Blender / Food Processor / Shake and Smoothie Maker
This has been in the house since Day 1 for us. I love this machine. I mostly use it to make protein shakes with. The single serve cups with the power of a real blender make amazing shakes in seconds! Check out our shake recipes too!

This one just has every attachment you will ever need!

Food Scale –

Food Storage –

Fitbit Scale

Egg Boiler