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Have you seen any good movies lately?

This one didn’t make the show but we talked about it during our finale. When you are trying to lose weight with someone you care about you don’t want to be rude and say, “Hey, you might want to put the fork down”. But you do care and want to help in some way. Well one thing we did if either felt we may be eating something we shouldn’t or just something bad in general we came up with a code phrase. Our is “Have you seen any good movies lately?” Believe it or not it sort of snaps you out of it and make you think about that next bite. While your partner doesn’t have to feel bad for saying something especially when its discreet.

Feel free to use it or make up your own!

Jason & Rachel


  1. John Powell says:

    I put the fork down between each bite. I eat a lot slower and get full before I over eat.

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