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If you watched our episode of Extreme Weight Loss on ABC July 2nd 2013 and again on October 20th you saw many things. Many a struggle and triumph. However there was much you didn’t see. Not for lack of importance but sheer lack of airtime. Many of you have asked what we ate or how we exercised…what exactly did we do. Well I want to share with you an important answer to those unanswered questions.

After the 90 day weigh in I was finding it difficult to find more time. I know that may sound strange to look for more time. But my schedule was very rigorous. I would get up around 6 or 6:30. Workout from 7 – noon-ish and then do my real job to support my family from 1pm to 9pm. My problem was that I was so sore after I quit moving for the day that the mornings the next day were very rough on my muscles. The other thing that wasn’t talked about on the show was how insanely tight my muscles were. One of my trainers would literally have to roll my calves on a 4 inch PVC pipe so we could alleviate the pain and knotting that went all the way up to my shoulders.

One day I went for a walk in between meetings and the next morning I was a little less sore. I know that sounds counterintuitive but more movement made me less painful. Since we had a great gym fully equipped I thought maybe there was a way I could work while walking on the treadmill. So I searched on Bing for a treadmill desk. The very first thing that popped up was the TrekDesk. What happened after that was no less than awesome.

I looked on Facebook and sure enough I found TrekDesk the company as I had some questions. I sent a message to the company with my situation and my questions. Not only did I get a response back but the owner contacted me directly. After a brief phone call about his story and what I was looking to achieve, I decided the TrekDesk was the right tool for the job. I learned a lot more from Steve on a follow up phone call that you just cant learn from experience.

I received my TrekDesk about a week later. If you noticed from the show our three car garage was transformed into our gym. They did a beautiful job of installing three flat screen TV’s at the front in front of the treadmill rower and elliptical stations. Since the treadmill was in the middle I installed my TrekDesk on my treadmill and hooked all three screens to my laptop and had a triple screen working environment.

From the first day I was hooked on my TrekDesk! The very first time I used it, two hours went by and I didn’t even know it. By the time a week had gone by I could already tell my muscles were looser. When the show started I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. Come to find out once my calf muscles were limbered up from the movement on my TrekDesk, I had no more pain in my heel or feet, my shoulders were looser and I had all around better flexibility. After two weeks if I was sitting in a normal chair at my desk I began to notice myself hunched over slumped and cramping up. I had no idea I was doing it to myself.

If you know me at all, you know efficiency is very important to me. There are only so many hours in a day. The fact that I could improve my health, my flexibility, and work at the same time was the perfect storm to help me break through my plateaus.

Many more tips and tricks they didn’t air on the episode coming soon.

Just to prove it here is the Diary Cam that didn’t make the show.

Any questions please let me know and I would love to answer them!

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