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My mother

I will always say that I am grateful for the experience of participating in Extreme Weight Loss.  Jason and I had the opportunity to work and become friends with Chris and Heidi Powell—and they are amazing people.  We both met other fantastic people … [Read more]

Part IV–Eat The Food

  For the last and final part of this series, this is how we bring it all together. If you remember from previous writings, I am a visual thinker. I learn better from doing rather than reading. What you see above is what is technically … [Read more]

Part III–Spiritual Repairs

  First off I'm sorry to disappoint if you thought this was going to be more of a “religious” post. I'm of the opinion everyone has a right to their own beliefs and I like to keep mine to myself. I admit spiritual may sound a bit … [Read more]

Part II–Mental Repairs

Let me start by saying I really appreciate all the positive comments from you, it really has been helpful. I really do mean it when I say you out there really are the inspirations. (Which totally gave me an idea, but more on that later). Sure my last … [Read more]

Part I – Feb 1st is my (New) New Year

Jason here. It has been a while since I have written anything of magnitude. I have written and re-written this blog post at least 15 times. But I have to honest, its been tough. I have even referred to it as a “dark time”. I’m sure many of you would … [Read more]


If you watched our episode of Extreme Weight Loss on ABC July 2nd 2013 and again on October 20th you saw many things. Many a struggle and triumph. However there was much you didn't see. Not for lack of importance but sheer lack of airtime. Many of … [Read more]

Where have we been?

Yes, it has been some time since Jason or I last posted.  The tail end of the last summer was a crazy ride.  I wanted to update our readers that we ARE here and we ARE doing great, things have just been beyond hectic.  Some of these events … [Read more]

I’m a mom. And this is what I strive for:

Writing this blog has been a bit of a challenge—and not for the lack of content—but because of the abundance of information that Jason and I want to share.  We feel that though we both went through this together, we do have some different views and … [Read more]

Warrior Dash

Even when I was severely overweight, I always dreamed about doing “one of those crazy mud runs”.  If you watched our episode, you see that I share this information with Chris Powell.  True to Chris Powell fashion, he made my dream come true. I … [Read more]

On the road again…

This week I am in lovely Seattle. As far as cities go, it’s one of my favorites. Luckily for me this trip I am in the city 90% of the time. The episode only touched on the fact that I travel for work. It is a mandatory part of my job. Also I work for … [Read more]