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Drumroll Please!

Jason and I both feel that this past year was stressful and rewarding, all at the same time.  But when our year actually finished we knew that part of our journey was only just beginning.  We took a lot of “risks” in that year.  The risk of writing … [Read more]

Did Jason work?

Oh, the internet. I’ve stumbled across some interesting reading online about Extreme Weight Loss and specific participants, us included. Some things, I won’t even bother replying to.  I knew that Jason and I opened ourselves and our life up to … [Read more]

The Beginning

As you read this blog, you will find Jason and I sharing food tips and recipes, what we do for exercise, and all the “traditional” things that you would expect to find in a blog about “Extreme Weight Loss”. But, along with these tools and tips … [Read more]

Five Minute Healthy Lunch

  Happy Sunday everyone! Hopefully you’re prepping food for the week and getting ready for a healthy start to the week. Here is another example of a complete meal. For us, convenience is a big deal.  With Rachel taking care of the house, … [Read more]

Breakfast–The Most Important Meal of the Day

  We have had a lot of requests for a meal example of what we ate this year. Well, this meal I still eat and had for breakfast this morning. I love going out to breakfast at some dive diner or greasy spoon. I used to go with my grandfather … [Read more]


When I say juicing I mean juicing in regards to fruits and veggies...not what Jose Conseco used to do. :) A few times through out the year Rachel and I juiced for a few days to reset our bodies. I still do it because I enjoy it and it make me feel … [Read more]

Very Low Sodium Taco Seasoning

Here is a recipe to make a very low sodium taco seasoning: 6 teaspoons chili powder 5 teaspoons paprika 4 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin 2 1/2 teaspoons onion powder 2 1/2 teaspoons garlic powder 1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch 1/8 teaspoon cayenne … [Read more]

Vegetable Survival Guide

  Many of you may not be fans of vegetables. I don't blame you, they have a bad rap. But again being the journey we were on veggies were a way of life. Veggies don't have to be pretty to eat them. I think that is one of the problems. Some of … [Read more]

Jason – Food MacGyver

I have no idea what to call this blog post so Jason's Food Profile it is! Basically you're going to get a little foundational knowledge on why I eat what I ate. :) Rachel will post her own soon. Some of you may be like me some like Rachel, both of … [Read more]

Chips and Salsa

  I know there has been a ton of "food" questions as that was not covered on our show. Well welcome to the first of MANY food posts. I know for me personally 80% of my success was based on food. So you'll hear some good and some bad, some … [Read more]