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Coming soon: from Rachel


You know what that is?  A sigh of relief, from me.

This year, without a doubt, has been one of the most difficult years of both mine and Jason’s life.  Yes, it ended on a high note.  Yes, we got our lives and health back.  And yes, I would even do it all over again—though I might change some things. ;)

But I am still glad it is over.

There is a reason that people can only do a program like this for so long.  It IS extreme.  It IS supposed to produce rapid results.  But it IS super stressful.

So, having said all that, there is much I want to share with our readers.  I couldn’t contain everything in this one blog post even if wanted to.  There is simply too much to say.

But I hope you have stumbled upon this blog and will come back more to read more entries.  Some topics that you can expect from me (Rachel) are:

  • Diet
  • Fitness
  • Motivation, what happens when you lose it, and how to get it back
  • Tips for cravings
  • What the show did not tell you—oh trust me, there is A LOT
  • Our plans for the future and “real life”
  • The aftermath of “the show”
  • Reasons for doing this that the show did not share
  • Emotional eating
  • How we survived the year with family functions, holidays, fun outings, etc. without turning to food
  • Why YOU can do this if you are struggling
  • Finding the BALANCE with your life and family, especially if you have children

I hope you stay tuned!  I have much to share! :)