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Thank you for all your support!


JasonRachelCP Finale

We hope that you enjoyed our episode and transformation!  This year would not have been possible without the help and support of so many people. 

First off, an enormous thanks to Chris and Heidi Powell.  You two have been amazing to work with this entire year and we are so grateful that we were chosen.  Your support all year was amazing—any phone call, email, or problem and you were there to answer.  We feel truly connected with you as another married couple with crazy life and responsibilities, but you are always able to focus on your goals at hand and do not let the bustle of everyday life derail you from your fitness goals.  You were both a great inspiration us.  We need to plan that family trip out to Arizona soon!

To our wonderful friends and family—WOW.  This year has been crazy.  We had to miss family functions or parties, but you all understood.  You all kept us motivated when we felt frustrated when we felt like we wanted to quit.  You reminded of us our end goal and to just keep going.  There aren’t enough words to properly give you thanks for all your love and support this year.  It has been amazing.  To my mom, though you aren’t here, I love you and I know I have made you proud.

To Jacqui McCoy—our dear friend and forever in our Extreme Weight Loss family.  You are an amazing friend and inspiration in life.  We are so glad to have met you.  And you introduced us to the wonderful Shaklee family that provided us with the awesome Vitalizer vitamins and 180 products.

Also a big thank you to Vemma for supplying us with great Bod-e drinks and Chris’s protein shakes this year.

To Dave Finlay and the entire team at Hines Park Crossfit for helping us reach our fitness goals this year.  Morgan, Lynn, and Kate and many more—you were all an amazing support to us this year.  We are forever grateful.  Hines Park and Plymouth Crossfit are great gyms with a great supportive community. We can’t wait to meet some of you there in the future!

Jason specifically would like to thank all of his colleagues at Microsoft.  Especially his current team for all their support during this year.

Thank you to JD Roth, Matt Assmus, Tom Becker, Ashley Holm, Lauren Spiegel for choosing us to be your first married couple to take on.  I’m sure it was different from anything you have done before and we are so appreciative that we were chosen.  Ashley and Lauren, thank you especially, for all the texts, calls, and emails of support this year.

Thank you to Sarah Hughes for taking the time to spend the day with us and show us how to skate!  It will forever be a great memory for us and our children.

Though they may not be old enough to read this:  to our children Sam and Sabrina.  You may never know how much you pushed your Mama and Daddy to change, but you did.  We wanted to be the very best parents we knew how to be—YOU TWO are our daily inspiration.  We love you so very much.  We have set our best example and cannot wait to see you what you two take on take on the world.

Last but not least please allow us to pay it forward by following us and keeping up with us on, Facebook ( ) and Twitter (JasonRachelEWL3)  We have lots more to come!

Jason and Rachel J


  1. I truly felt connected to your episode as myself and my husband have dealt with weight issues for awhile now. It is so hard with a busy schedule, 2 kids (boy and girl like you) and working that it is so hard to get motivated to fix it. I want to commend both of you at such a job well done. Chris is amazing! I don’t miss one season! I would love to hear the progress from both of you for years to come!

  2. Wife and I were wondering if there is any after photos of the post surgery similar to the before photos…basically in swim wear?

  3. Melissa snell says:

    Wow!! You guys are amazing. Loved the show.

  4. Congrats, guys!!

    I attend HPCF and it has been awesome to see what CF has done for me, and even more amazing to see what it has done for you two! Keep up the inspiring work and maybe will see you in an evening class sometime! :)

  5. I can’t even put in to words how freakin’ proud I am of you both. I’ve watched many episodes and have never felt the connection or pride that I felt when I watched you both. Of course, knowing you – Rachel – was the reason. Knowing how we used to talk about our weight issues, determined that we’d overcome them.. one day. And you did it!! My fight continues, but my fire was reignited after hearing and seeing about your journey.

    I cried when you cried, I laughed when you laughed, I felt the pain and agony when it was there… which made the final reveal that much more joyous. You both look AMAZING… and I’m so happy (and totally jealous LOL) that you had the opportunity and took it with open arms.

    I can’t wait to hear all about it, read your tips and comments, and hopefully one day in the near future know that I accomplished what you were both able to accomplish.

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