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Warrior Dash

Even when I was severely overweight, I always dreamed about doing “one of those crazy mud runs”.  If you watched our episode, you see that I share this information with Chris Powell.  True to Chris Powell fashion, he made my dream come true.

I personally had always wanted to do one.  These runs looked so much more fun to me than a normal race, with fun obstacles to complete along the way, getting dirty, etc.  But I knew in my heart I would never attempt to do one while I was overweight.  The Warrior Dash is the run that we ended up completing on the show.  At first, I had regretted saying this because I had to “face the music”.  I knew that even a few months in I had lost weight and improved my endurance, but I had never been a runner and this had some running involved.  I was scared, but I wanted to face my fears.

Jason, on the other hand, had never desired to do one.  So when Chris asked him to join us in the race, he kind of joked around that he would support us from the sidelines.  But I truly knew Jason wouldn’t let me do the race alone—and he didn’t.  He faced the music as well.  I knew he was scared about it as well, but he faced his fears too.

When the race started I remember my heart beating and thinking we were going to get run over by the people behind us.  I was worried about people judging us—wondering what the heck we were doing here.  I was fearful about not being able to finish, but I dismissed that thought almost immediately.  I knew that once we started we WOULD finish, no matter how long it took us.

And in the end, we had a complete BLAST!  I cannot say enough good things about the Warrior Dash—and I know Jason agrees.  It was awesome—just like being a kid again going through these obstacles, getting dirty, having fun and being active.  It was just awesome.  And the people?  Everyone was beyond supportive and nice.  At certain obstacles if people were having a tough time, fellow racers would help them.  No one seemed concerned about having the fastest time (like I have seen in other races).  It was a great combination of camaraderie and fun and not once did I feel judged—by anyone!

When we finished the race and ran over the fire, a fire lit in my belly as well.  I knew that it would be something I would want to do again and Jason confirmed he had the same feeling.  We ended the race full of motivation and excitement.

Because we had such an awesome time last year, we are heading back to do the Warrior Dash again this year!  We hope for it to be an annual event and to eventually have a big team of people to participate with us.

The awesome organizers of the Warrior Dash even asked us to kick off a couple of races beforehand. We will be there from around 12:00 pm and running in the 2:30 race on this Saturday, July 27th.  We hope to see you there!

And if I can, I hope to add some words of wisdom and hopefully, motivation.  Even though this was something I desired to do, my fear had been stopping me.  Once I decided to face my fears, it was when I truly changed my life.  Maybe your fear isn’t a mud run, but a twenty minute jog.  Or even a walk.  Or doing a deadlift.  Or maybe attending a yoga class.  My point is that we all have had those fears.  But facing the fears?  Well, not everyone does that.  But I can guarantee you that if I had not done the mud run ( or Jason) we would have just always regretted it.  No more.

Face your fears.


You can.






  1. Tara Edwards says:

    My favorite part of your episode was the Warrior Dash!! I would LOVE to do one too!! I REALLY hope you have that photo of you running over the fire framed and hung in your house!! It was a GREAT picture!! Best of luck @ this years events!!

  2. Awesome!! You both are my inspiration right now :) I seriously have no desire to do a Warrior Dash (obstacles are not my idea of fun), but I loved running (just straight running!) 10k’s, and ran a trail 10k that was really hard back in my pre-marriage, pre-baby days. I can’t imagine getting back there, but reading this inspires me to try! I really have a goal of running a 5k with Ben someday, so I’ve got to start somewhere and get moving!

  3. Lol, see I looooove having something, ANYTHING to break up the running, ha ha! I KNOW you can do it!!! You were part of my inspiration too!!! :)

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